While the Internet does allow for the preservation of family memories through scanning and posting, many people find this to be a sterile way of chronicling our lives. Even though it may be old fashioned, nothing beats scrapbooking for as a creative, highly personalized way of keeping memories fresh.

 Fortunately for scrapbookers, Jo-Ann offers a huge selection of scrapbooking supplies and classes.  Whether you are a novice scrapbooker or an expert, you’ll be able to find the supplies you need to create beautiful scrapbooks, greeting cards and other papercrafts at JoAnn.com or at your local Jo-Ann store.

 Cutting Machines

 Get perfectly cut designs and patters with your own personal die cutter. These machines allow you to cut out multiple designs at the same time, for a professional level of consistency in your work.


 As beautiful as your designs might be, without the right paper, you won’t be able to get the right look for your projects. Jo-Ann has a huge selection of paper stock in many colors, textures, weights and designs. Choose from hundreds of holiday or everyday papers, in themes that range from rustic to ultra-modern in design.

 Digital Scrapbooking

 If you favor a blend of old and new techniques in your papercrafts, check out the computer-printable plastic sheets offered by Jo-Ann. You can use them instead of paper in your inkjet printer, creating translucent overlay sheets.

 Stickers and Sticker Machines

 New scrapbookers and kids often like to use stickers in creating their pages. Jo-Ann sells a wide range of stickers that cover all kinds of themes and designs. If you are a true do it yourselfer, try out our sticker making machines. These give you an incredible amount of creative freedom while also allowing you to work with stickers instead of paper and glue.

 Scrapbooking Albums and Photo Organizers

 Keeping track of your photographs, clippings and ephemera can be a huge chore. Even worse, not knowing where an item is can slow down your scrapbooking and make it difficult to complete a project. Scrapbooking albums can do double duty as storage for your prints and clippings while also serving as a binder for completed scrapbooks. 

 Photo organizers, on the other hand, keep your memories at your finger tips. Buy several for organizing your materials: Organize by year, child’s name, neighborhood or any other theme that will help you access just the material you need, when you need it!

 Pens and Markers

 Multi-colored pens and markers add significant personalization to scrapbooks, as your artwork, designs and words are uniquely your own. Jo-Ann offers many multi-color sets of markers so that you’ll always have the right color on hand.

 Stamping Supplies

 Many scrapbookers love stamping and embossing and Jo-Ann has a wide assortment of inks, embossing powders and stamps that can add an amazing finishing touch to your scrapbooks and cards.

 Don’t forget that many Jo-Ann stores also offer classes on scrapbooking, so whether you need to learn the basics, want to master a new technique, or even to just spend time with other scrapbookers, check out the class listings at your local store.


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